To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

The 5 Skills A3 Poster Pack (pack of 6)


Designed by Jenny Mosley, illustrations by Mark Cripps

At the heart of all learning is the ability of children to use their thinking, listening, looking, speaking and concentrating skills.  The National Primary Strategy adopted our Five Skills for the beginning of each SEAL and SEAD circle session.  Now here are the Five Skills Posters to display in your classroom so they can be referred to throughout the day.

This resource accompanies Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of The 5 Skills.  Each book contains superb games and activities to promote each of the five skills. Every single activity has a follow-up one (“… now try this”), which really embeds the skill they have just learnt. You can use these precious little handbooks throughout the day to keep children alert to the skills they need to practice. Buy our whole The 5 Skills range of resources to help children love the five skills. Stickers, stickers books, flashcards and posters all available.


Format: 6 x A3 colour posters. Poster colours may vary.

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