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Midday Supervisor Pack –


This Midday Supervisor Resources Pack has been brought together to keep playtimes calm, fun and interesting! With loads of games activities on useful cards so that children can use them themselves, it won't take long for everyone to become more active and engaged in the playground.

The rewards and sanctions notelets pads can be kept in a pocket and used to reinforce the Playground Golden Rules - the notelets can be filled in and given to the child. However, the lunchtime certificate pads can be used to reward children who are doing really well at keeping to all the rules while they are at play.

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This bright, colourful pack of midday supervisor resources contains:

3 Top Tips Midday Supervisor books, pack of all 10 Jenny Mosley’s Pocket Books (Playground Games Volumes 1 &2, Playground Games from Around the World, Craze of the Week, Ball Games, Long Rope Skipping Games and Wet Playtime Games),

1 pack of A4 Skipping cards,

1 pack of A4 Playground cards,

1 A5 Lunchtime Certificate pad,

Pack of 5 Reward Notelets,

Pack of 5 Sanction Notelets.

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