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Wet Playtime Games Cards (A4)


By Jenny Mosley & Helen Sonnet.  Illustrated by Mark Cripps

Children love these Game cards!!  Tried and tested by children, these cards are one of our most successful strategies EVER!!  These new ‘Learning Through Action’ (LTA) Game Cards have been taken from our hugely popular big A3 classroom books and are illustrated in glorious colour by Mark Cripps with clear instructions.   All card sets come in a handy, durable plastic popper wallet and are ideal for Midday Supervisors and teachers, making them so easy to use again and again.

Wet playtimes can be every teacher and midday supervisor’s worst nightmare, but these colourful cards will keep frustrated pupils enjoyably and constructively occupied. The games have all been carefully selected to ensure they are manageable within the confines of the classroom or school hall and require very little in the way of materials or preparation.

Format: 17 x A4 colour cards in durable plastic popper wallet: Pack includes, 1 cover card, 1 instructions card and 15 games cards.


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