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Miss Beanie Golden Rules A3 Poster


This is a single A3 Miss Beanie Individual Golden Rules Poster. This poster features the characters, Miss Beanie and her class of animals, from our best selling Golden Rules stories series. This poster can be put up in your class room and will accompany beautifully the matching stickers we have designed each featuring one animal and the golden rule they have kept from our Golden Rules series. Illustrations by Mark Cripps.

This resource is part of Jenny Mosley’s New Golden Rule range. Honestly, you really need the full Golden Rules series if you want to help young children truly understand the Golden Rules; each story in the Golden Rules book series focuses upon just one rule and features the familiar characters of Miss Beanie’s class. The Golden Rules Deluxe Book pack comes with the Circle Time Handbook of the Golden Rules Stories and a set of finger puppets. The Golden Rules Handbook really helps you bring the Golden Rules books alive for children. Packed full of vibrant Circle Time lesson plans, it gives lots of ideas on how to use circle time lesson plans, puppets and games to really help children embed the moral values embodied in the wonderful Golden Rules series.

Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action series are bursting with ideas to bring the Golden Rules to life! We need these values to burn brightly in children’s minds. Inside each book you will find games and activities that make each Golden Rule real and relevant to all children. Each page is crammed with stimulating ideas and extension activities to make learning motivating and fun. We think of these little booklets as golden treasure chests that you can open at any time of day to teach your children positive values and skills.

These booklets will help the Golden Rules on the walls leap into the hearts. Research tells us that chaotic children don’t learn well from just the spoken word of written words and that good visual images can ‘hit’ the right ‘bit’ of the brain to alert them about what to do next. Our Golden Rules posters, stickers and flashcards are just the right images and the Golden Rules Flash Cards come with a free Golden Rules game!

Single Poster or Pack of 6 Posters are available to purchase.

Format: Single A3 full colour, 200gsm paper

Formt:  Pack of 6 A3 full colour, 200gsm paper


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