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High Five Posters (pack of 6)


Jenny Mosley’s High Five posters will really help children understand HOW to be: a great circle timer, a good friend, a great listener, calm in the corridor, play well and how to have good manners in the dining hall. We have worked with children and midday supervisors to create strong motivational sentences. Available in A3 & A2 and now also available in extra-durable A2 aluminium composite.

Illustrations by Charley Belles.

Six different designs. For the exact wording on the posters, see below:

We are great ‘Circle-timers’ when …

  • We listen carefully to each other.
  • We cooperate when we play games.
  • We think of ideas to help others.
  • We respect everyone’s opinions.
  • We try to understand other people’s feelings.

We have good manners in the dining hall when …

  • We wait quietly in the line.
  • We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to anyone helping us.
  • We keep our table and the space under it very clean.
  • We eat our food with our mouths closed.
  • We clean our plates tidily.

We play well in the playground when …

  • We ask others to join our games.
  • We are kind to everyone around us.
  • We take turns to share and look after things.
  • We give a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
  • We tell the adult on duty about any problems.

We are great listeners when …

  • We are calm and still when we are listening.
  • We look at the person who is speaking.
  • We listen and think carefully about what others have to say.
  • We accept other people have different views.
  • We let people finish what they are saying.

We are good friends when …

  • We play happily together.
  • We share our things.
  • We look after each other.
  • We care about each other’s feelings.
  • We listen to each other.

We are calm in the corridors when …

  • We walk calmly.
  • We look where we are going.
  • We use quiet voices if we need to talk.
  • We open doors and stand back if we see anyone coming.
  • We look and smile ‘hello’ to anyone passing us.
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