To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Golden Rules Animal Stories: We Work Hard


by Donna Luck, with illustrations by Juliet Doyle.

On Monday Alfred Alligator is bursting with news – his mother has had a baby. He brings in a special box of treasures to share with the class. But Louis Lion wastes so much time that there is no opportunity at the end of that day, or on Tuesday, or on Wednesday. When finally, on Thursday there is time and Miss Beanie asks Alfred to share the box, he has taken it home again as he thought no-one was interested. Will the class get to see his treasures? This resource is part of Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules range.

Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action are perfect companion books for this series and are bursting with ideas to bring the Golden Rules to life!

Format: A5 Version: (Positive Press) A5, colour paperback, 32pp.


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