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Golden Rules Animal Stories: We Listen


By Donna Luck, with illustrations by Juliet Doyle.

Zelda is a Zebra who doesn’t wait to hear the end of a sentence. Will Gino the giraffe ever manage to announce his important news? This delightful readaloud book introduces us to these loveable characters, their friends and their teacher Miss Beanie. Share this engaging story while teaching an important Golden Rule. This resource is part of Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules range.

Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action are perfect companion books for this series and are bursting with ideas to bring the Golden Rules to life!

A3 and A5 sizes are available to purchase.

Format: A5 Version: (Positive Press) A5, colour paperback, 32pp.

Format: A3 Version: (Positive Press) A3, colour paperback, 32pp.

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