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Golden Rules Animal Stories: We Look After Property


By Donna Luck, with illustrations by Juliet Doyle.

The animals in Miss Beanie’s class are all having a great time with glue and paper, play dough, and their favourite puzzles. But when it comes to tidying away, they’re not so careful so things end up in the bin and all muddled-up. So at the end of the week when Miss Beanie says they can go and play, there’s nothing left! How can the animals persuade Miss Beanie that they can look after new toys? This resource is part of Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules range.

Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action are perfect companion books for this series and are bursting with ideas to bring the Golden Rules to life!

A3 and A5 sizes are available to purchase.

Format: A5 Version: (Positive Press) A5, colour paperback, 32pp.

Format: A3 Version: (Positive Press) A3, colour paperback, 32pp.

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