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Golden Rules Animal Stories: We Are Kind And Helpful


By Donna Luck, with illustrations by Juliet Doyle

Let’s face it – it is only kindness that will ever make this world a better place. In this simple story Elsa Elephant behaves badly which leads to important lessons about being kind and helpful. There’s a big surprise in store for the whole class – except for Elsa Elephant who has behaved badly and not thought of others feelings. Miss Beanie does not choose her but instead gives the surprise to Gino Giraffe and Zelda Zebra to look after. A chance encounter finally allows Elsa to prove to Miss Beanie that she too can be kind and helpful and she learns just how nice it can be to be trusted to follow the Golden Rule. This resource is part of Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules range.

Jenny Mosley’s Small Books of the Golden Rules in Action are perfect companion books for this series and are bursting with ideas to bring the Golden Rules to life!

(A3 version is currently unavailable to purchase individually.)

Format: A5 Version: (Positive Press) A5, colour paperback, 32pp.

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