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Active Assemblies Value Pack


Buying this pack of assembly books will mean that you can relax and rely upon the pre-written assemblies here, allowing you to focus on your pupils and colleagues. The assemblies also cover a wide range of foci covering many SEAL outcomes as well as contributing to SMSC.

Active Assemblies for Every Week

By Jenny Mosley and Ross Grogan. This was the original ‘active’ assembly book. Its the touch stone for inspiring children and adults to love the Golden Rules. These assemblies are organised into current SEAL themes with tried and tested tips and ideas for delivering the perfect assembly and helping children to want to behave well and treat others with respect. They are very active and lively and you’ll soon become a huge fan.

‘If you want assemblies to address bullying, friendship, sharing … then this is the book for you’ Junior Education.

‘Loved this books. It has saved me hours of work and the children have loved the assemblies that we have done so far. Builds on all the SEAL work done in school. Would highly recommend it. Thanks a million.’

More Active Assemblies

Written by by Jenny Mosley and Ross Grogan. Following the success of our first book of Assemblies for SEAL, we have written another! Here are 36 more brand new assemblies with exciting ways to stimulate everyone’s interest! A must-have book for every school. Jean Gross, former Director of SEAL, highly recommends these assembly books in her SEAL presentations.

Active Assemblies 3

Active assemblies by Vicki Johnson is our third book of active assemblies is, I promise you, another gem!

Written by Vicki Johnson, a head teacher who has delivered all 36 assemblies (1 for each week of the school year) with flair and humour – we know they capture the children’s imaginations. They focus on a number of hugely important themes; how to value ourselves and others, how we can be good and kind friends to the whole community, how to be brave, how to strive to be a better person and how to re-build bridges on the days it all goes wrong.

‘If you want vibrant assemblies to address bullying, friendship, sharing … then this book is for
 Junior Education

‘This is THE assembly book.’ Review By Pie Corbett

‘This is an extremely handy book – easy to use, comes complete with texts to read aloud and would be invaluable to anyone who is in the firing line for putting on an assembly. There are 36 assemblies described and each one hinges around a key theme such as friendship, truth and confidence building. These are ideal as they address and develop social, emotional attitudes to learning and life. Every school should have one.’

Pack Format: 3 x 195 x 255mm, 112 pages, black and white paperback, with full colour covers.

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