To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Children Beyond


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A few children can sometimes seem ‘beyond’ all the sound ethos and behaviour strategies you work with. They can skew your sense of perspective and drain your energy.  Many of these children can be successfully supported with extra activities and small group work (we call these circles of support) to work deeply on social skills, self-esteem and positive behaviour. 

Our resources and training help you work with these pupils, rather than battle against them.  In particular our books on helping children deal with conflict, helping children deal with bullying and helping children deal with anger provide you with excellent practical approaches to help the child learn experientially.  We work with school managers, teachers, SENCOs, learing support assistants and midday supervisors to ensure that the children who challenge are given the opportunities they need to settle into their learning environment.

Other resources help with language development and communication skills and can guide you setting up small group work (circles of support) with these children in a really practical way with session plans, structural guidelines and enjoyable games and developmental activities.  You can help to transform the school lives of these unsettled children to help them blossom amongst the crowd.

SECONDARY STAFF – we have a range of secondary resources produced for secondary teachers and pupils plus there are other resources that are lovely for secondary pupils too like music CDs and games. The different elements of the Golden Model for secondary pupils are all described in the book “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School”.

All of our resources compliment our unique and tailor-made training courses.  For all training enquiries please phone 01225 767157 or email

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