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Two and a Half Hour Workshops


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Two and a Half Hour Workshops

Jenny is delighted now to be able to offer shorter workshops lasting two and a half hours. There are many advantages to this style of training, including:

  • The host school staff are trained for free.
  • Staff from neighbouring schools can book places on the course for a very reasonable fee.
  • The school can remain open, meaning that a valuable INSET day is not used up.
  • The shorter workshop means that the hall can be free in time for setting up for lunch.
  • Most schools can copy with no or minimal supply staff needing to be called in while teachers undergo training.

Jenny can offer two and a half hour workshops In the following:

  • Building Resilience and Self-Esteem In The Early Years

  • Calm Dining Halls and Positive Lunchtimes

  • How Circle Time Can Support British Values

  • Positive Behaviour Management Training Workshop

  • Reducing Exclusions – How To Support Challenging Children

  • Staff Wellbeing and Wellbeing For Children

Phone 01225 767157.

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