To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

How to Support Staff Working With Challenging Children


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“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”  Carl Rogers, founder of Person-centred Therapy

Your staff need this course if you teach children who push you beyond the limits of your patience, energy levels and management systems.  Children ‘beyond’ challenge us at a very fundamental level.  (Please note, by ‘beyond’ we mean ‘beyond’ our usual classroom management systems – not ‘beyond’ help or improvement).  For working with challenging children we need sound self-esteem, high morale and physical stamina.  Without these attributes we can become inconsistent and over-reacting in our responses.  This session will help you reassess your own personal and professional care plans.

Jenny will discuss having the correct boundaries, incentives and sanctions systems in place, which minimises the number of pupils who could be deemed ‘beyond’ – prevention being better than cure.

Practical measures will be explored to help children ‘beyond’ move back  within a more acceptable framework.  Jenny will also focus upon support circles and therapeutic provision for these pupils.  Pupil demonstrations are an option here.

Expected Learning Outcomes And Benefits:

  • Delegates will be clearer about how, when working with challenging children, to minimise the number of children who are ‘beyond’ the usual classroom management systems.
  • Jenny will teach a powerful method of working with these young people to empower the teacher and to support the young person in their behavioural, social and emotional growth and development.
  • Everyone will return to their setting or school with a metaphorical kitbag of tips, ideas, suggestions and methods for helping their pupils who are ‘beyond’ to reach their potential.
  • Delegates will be clearer on what they need to do for themselves to keep their own self-esteem and energy levels high in order to be able to better carry out the vital work that they do.

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