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What Is So Special About Our Lunchtimes And Playtimes Training – and Lunchtimes Online Webinar Training – For Lunchtime Supervisors?


If you, like us, believe that lunchtimes and playtimes are some of the most important times in a child’s day then you will also understand that the keys to successful and happy lunchtimes and playtimes are the lunchtime staff – and training for midday supervisors.

Often untrained, midday supervisors play a superb role in managing these very crucial times of the day.  However, as we develop more knowledge, ideas and understanding about how best managers and midday supervisors manage lunchtimes and playtimes, this body of staff is often left to read between the lines or left to try to develop their own systems.

Training for midday supervisors is one important key to unlocking excellence and and constructivity in the playground. It can help with great tips and ideas, boost self-esteem and give midday supervisors new-found confidence to really organise playtimes so that they work for the adults and children alike. Modules that this course usually covers includes: playground rules, playground zoning, playground games, traditional games and activities, wet playtimes and much more. It is practical and confidence-building for midday supervisors which staff find very empowering.

All our training courses feature Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model – however each course is tailor-made to each request.  When you contact Jenny Mosley’s offices, you will have your own dedicated training administrator who you can chat to about what emphasis you would like for your training – and you can request a greater or lesser emphasis on any aspect of the Golden Model.


What Training for Midday Supervisors Helps Promote

Helps you to promote: attainment, inclusion, positive behaviour, SEAL, SEAD, ECaT, PSHE, Achievement for All, Healthy Schools, mental health and well-being of pupils and adults.

What Training For Midday Supervisors Can Help With

Training for Midday Supervisors can help with challenging children, special needs, intergenerational work, children’s centre, early years, primary, secondary.

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