To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Achieving Excellence – Training for Midday Supervisors and TAs


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The happiness and productivity of many classrooms and playgrounds is partly dependent upon the energy, enthusiasm and skill of the midday supervisors, lunchtime supervisors and teaching assistants. It seems that very often their skills left to develop through practical experience only. We believe that pupils benefit greatly when training for Midday Supervisors and training for Teaching Assistants is taken seriously. Teaching Assistants benefit from working alongside teachers and alongside Jenny Mosley in circle times, co-running circles of support for troubled pupils, helping to bring out creativity within pupils and raising self-esteem of the whole class. Midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors can hone their skills through training of running successful, calm and productive lunchtimes and playtimes through lunchtimes training courses.

Come to us with your own ideas for training for Midday Supervisors and training for TAs and we will propose a programme to help your school flourish. (Alternatively we can design a programme which will suit both teachers and teaching assistants.)

All our training courses feature Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model – and each course is tailor-made to each request. When you contact Jenny Mosley’s offices, you will have your own dedicated training administrator where you can request a greater or lesser emphasis on any aspect of the Golden Model.

Our courses help you to promote: attainment, inclusion, behaviour and attendance, SEAL, SEAD, ECaT, PSHE, Achievement for All, Healthy Schools, emotional health, British Values and well-being of pupils and adults.

Our courses can help with: Challenging children, special needs, intergenerational work, children’s centre, early years, primary, secondary


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