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Partnerships, Larger Projects, Pupil Premium


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Jenny Mosley and her Quality Circle Time model are called in to work with local authority and school clusters to implement a wider vision for a broad community. By sharing the training, conferencing and practical work with a larger group, costs are spread and a group vision is developed amongst an educational community where, to coin a cliché, ‘the sum of the parts becomes greater than the whole’.

Unite your community with a large conference followed by a suite of training options to suit your needs.

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In-depth Training and Train the Trainers Projects

Become An Accredited Quality Circle Time Trainer. Jenny Mosley’s Train The Trainers accreditation courses have enabled hundreds of practitioners to create their own centres of excellence in nurseries, classrooms, staffrooms and wider organisations. Delegates attending the courses become more confident and creative in their circle time approach and can bring a new depth to the whole-school model in your school or local authority. They are accredited to train others in the model (restrictions apply so please ask for details).

The accreditation process starts with an intensive course which includes seminars, practical work, observations or working with pupils and creative and innovative workshops to raise energy and skill levels for all delegates.

“It was the best quality training I have been to – I learnt a great deal about myself as well as classroom and school approaches to getting the best from children and teachers. I came back to work full of positivity and enthusiasm”. Janette Bainbridge, Healthy Schools & Initiatives Manager, Middlesbrough.”

This training can transform your working life. Jenny Mosley accredited training is for all educators wanting to gain an in-depth knowledge of the QCT model and train others in the key aspects of Quality Circle Time. An introduction to the theory and practice of the model, with unique, creative ideas for implementation are all covered. The course outlines Jenny Mosley’s Whole School Quality Circle Time Model in depth and after attending the course, delegates are able to train other trainers within their own LEA or school (restrictions apply).

The evidence emerging from national research and independent evaluations is that the implementation of Jenny Mosley’s whole school model can make a strong contribution to the personal, emotional, moral and social development of young people and help create a warm ethos. This course is for all educators including headteachers, deputy headteachers, educational psychologists, classroom assistants, health promotion agencies, behaviour support teams, learning mentors and Healthy Schools advisors.

Jenny’s training helps you to promote: attainment, inclusion, behaviour and attendance, SEAL, SEAD, ECaT, PSHE, Achievement for All, Healthy Schools, emotional health and well-being of pupils and adults.

These courses can help with: Challenging children, special needs, intergenerational work, children’s centre, early years, primary, secondary

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