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“Great choice of workshops – difficult to choose! Fantastic keynote speaker. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Plenty of great ideas to take back to school.”

“AMAZING! Great insight and come away full of energy – well done.”

When planning an event, your workshops are all-important. We can provide an interactive and experiential suite of workshops for your delegates, or pick and mix from our wide range to really maximise on your day. Titles include:

Quality Circle Time
Better Behaviour through Improving Relationships and Personal Responsibility
Positive behaviour for positive learning
Increasing self-esteem to boost classroom performance
A listening class is a learning class
Reaching your full potential within school – for staff and children
Circle Time: Refresh & Re-energise Your Policies
Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes And Playtimes
Better Behaviour Through Happier Lunchtimes
Successful Transitions Through Circle Time
Terrific Teaching Through Tangible Topics
Drama As A Driving Force
Quality Circle Time at the heart of PSHE, SEAL And SEAD
Lifting Our Spirits:– Improving The Emotional Health And Well-being Of All More Than Splish, Splash, Splosh: Bring Creativity Alive!
Switching Children on to Learning
Parents As Partners
Sound, Move and Make
Building Self-Esteem To Release Innate Potential
The Joy Of Harmony
Achieving Excellence Through Valuing Individuals
Re-energising Tired Staff And Systems
Peaceful Solution-Focused Outcomes In Schools
Children Beyond: People And Policies Pushed To Their Limits
Developing A Listening School Or Setting – Polish Up The Listening Systems
Looking After Ourselves As Staff
Power of Puppets
Achieving excellence through renewed energy and vision!
Creating A Work-Life Balance
The Power Of Puppets
Boost Your Energy
Creating Calm In Your Classroom and Staffrooms
Call us or email to discuss how we can make your event one to remember. If you don’t see the workshop that you are looking for, call us for further titles and to see how we can help.

Phone us on 01225 767157 or email