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A Jenny Mosley Conference

“Thank you! I really enjoyed this conference and feel totally energized! Great ideas which I will put into practice in my life.”

“V. impressive. Fantastic presentation of the puppets – we were all mesmerised by the stories and the calm, gentle imaginative way she brought the puppets to life!”

Let us arrange your education conference for you! With a keynote speech to really warm up your delegates followed by a suite of workshops to get the best from the day.  A Jenny Mosley-inspired education conference is motivating, informative and energising, helping staff to reach their full potential within their setting or school. Choose from a suite of topics to tailor the day to meet your school’s key priorities. Most of Jenny’s conferences are whole-school ones, although the lunchtime courses are most suitable for anyone involved in school lunchtimes and playtimes.

Please phone for a chat to see how we can help on 01225 767157 or email  All our training and conferencing is designed to fit around you and your school or setting, ask us your questions or tell us your concerns and we will do our best to help. 

“Brilliant. Lots of things I will be using. Jenny was very entertaining – very motivational as always. Great balance of humour and advice.”

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