To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Training for working with Parents As Partners


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“All the parents who came to the workshop were delighted.” Verity White, Headteacher Duncombe Primary School

“Offering parents access to the same resources that your teachers have is a great move and the approach adopted to build self-esteem is fantastic…” extract from a letter to Headteacher – Emma Stevenson, parent, Duncombe Primary School

Book this ‘training for working with early years parents’ course to support all staff and parents to work better together. All the adults in children’s lives are vital role models in boosting their social and emotional development. Are we, the teachers and parents, working well enough together to present a united ‘front’ of respect for each other? Children can sometimes be ‘caught’ between the two sets of values – and become confused.

Jenny Mosley and her team of consultants have vast experience of working in early years settings and schools with parents, both during daytime and during evening meetings and training sessions.

The Quality Circle Time model resources for traditional games are a wonderful way of inviting parents to share and develop their games from different cultures. As parents relax, it is then possible to look at how we can build the self-esteem and self-discipline of their children together and how the school or early years setting can work in partnership with parents to establish the Golden Rules at home, and promote incentives and consequences that reflect the ethos you both want to project.

Expected learning outcomes and benefits:

Parents will understand more about their child’s education and will be more co-operative.
Staff will be better able to work with early years parents to achieve common aims.
There is a positive knock-on effect for their children when they see parents involved in school life.
All delegates will leave with an increased knowledge of how vital it is for them to look after their own needs first, in order to then be able to care for others.
All delegates leave with a set of handouts for further reading.


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