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Running Successful, Vibrant Quality Circle Times for Very Young Children


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“It was great fun as well as giving us bags of ideas for us to use with our children.  Your training at the start of the term made it easy to be back…..” Liz Beaumont, Headteacher, Cedars Infant School, Blackburn

This early years circle time training day is definitely for any early years setting or school that wants to maximise the powerful potential of circle time.  Over time, your systems, your staff and your circle times can become tired and need to be re-energised. Call in Jenny Mosley and/or her team!  Jenny can help your staff reflect upon their practice, work out which direction they would like to go with their teaching and then equip themselves to go there. Looking at the Five Step Strategies for running successful circle times, Jenny will share tips and ideas from her wealth of experience of working with teachers and pupils. Pupil demonstrations are a popular option here, even on a closure days!!  Jenny’s Quality Circle Time model can bring social and communication skills, emotional literacy, problem-solving and creativity to life in your school.

Expected Learning Outcomes And Benefits:

  • Delegates will have time to reflect upon their practice, to listen and to discuss.
  • Everyone in your school or setting will have the opportunity to become better speakers and listeners and better genuine dialogue can thrive.
  • Everyone will come away with a host of tips and practical ideas for running successful and vibrant circle times with their own classes.
  • This course is great for boosting the self-esteem of delegates and raising energy which in turn can help the self-esteem of young people and children.

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