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Behaviour Management Training


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Behaviour Management Training

Jenny’s Whole School model and Behaviour Management Training showcases a suite of educational ideas. These ideas work firstly to encourage both positive behaviour for learning plus positive wellbeing in primary schools. Jenny’s Behaviour Management Training open conferences are reknowned across the UK. Similarly, many international schools overseas for helping with raising the profile and potential of positive behaviour.

During Jenny’s Behaviour Management Training, Jenny looks at how teachers can promote positive learning communities in the classroom. With this in mind, Jenny encourages children to take responsibility for their behaviour and relationships.  Jenny’s ‘Behaviour Management Training’ days have a very practical basis.  Jenny highlights the qualities teachers and children need to develop in order to promote school values, PSHE, SMSC, British Values and wellbeing in primary schoolsJenny is passionate about working with the innate wisdom of children. This is a powerful forum for change and a powerful part of the behaviour management training. Due to this, Jenny demonstrates circle-time with a KS1 and KS2 class with delegates observing and discussing its impact. Jenny’s INSET Training days are also interactive and practical. Because of this, they provide a host of ideas to take back to their school or setting and put into place straight away.

Teachers Training

We Have An Excellent, Proven, Track Record In Running Behaviour Management Training

Jenny has run Behaviour Management Training for literally thousands of managers, teachers, TAs and support staff in the UK and overseas.

  • INSET Training days – where the school is closed to pupils and Jenny works with staff;
  • Working in School Days – where the school stays open and Jenny works with groups of staff and pupils in classrooms, the dining hall, in the playground and holds a meeting in the staffroom;
  • Open training conference days – where anyone can book, these conferences are arranged around the country throughout the year.
  • Half day (or shorter) workshops – we can design these to suit your requirements.
  • We happily tailor our training to meet the needs of your school or setting.
  • Most of these open conferences are Behaviour Management Training, Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes or Vibrant Circle Time for Early Years. However, Jenny also runs Wellbeing Open Conferences.

Read What One Headteacher Wrote To Jenny about Their Behaviour Management Training

“The team of inspectors were particularly impressed with all out procedures for eliminating poor behaviour and for raising pupil self-esteem. In fact the report cites the children’s behaviour and attitudes in the school as very good! We also received a lot of praise for the quality of the relationships within our school. At Blackwell, we all feel that much of our recent success can be attributed to the changes we have implemented re: circle time, golden time, lunchtime golden table and our buddy system and playground improvement project. Without the support and excellent training received via Jenny Mosley Consultancies, this would not have been possible. What we have implemented – based on your theories and practice – has literally transformed our school. Thank you.” Headteacher, Blackwell Primary School

More About Jenny’s Behaviour Management Training

Jenny uses a very practical, interactive and enjoyable training style so that every delegate feels at ease with, and empowered by, the training. Although the systems might have variations for the dining hall, classrooms and playground, they all work seamlessly together to form a whole school approach to behaviour management. Incorporating

Behaviour Management Training For The Classroom

As practitioners, we need our own classroom management techniques and Jenny inspires and motivates delegates to continue to develop professionally to include a range of practices that enhance their classroom systems.

Behaviour Management For The Dining Hall and Playground

For systems to run smoothly outdoors, Jenny’s Dining Hall and playground strategies for the Dining Hall and Playground provide a seamless continuum. Everyone can reinforce the rules through assemblies, discussions and circle times. These strategies ensure that dining halls are healthy places to eat and socialise. Also that playgrounds are safe, fun and educational. Due to this, children learn about teamwork, sports, activities and the social skills necessary for playing games in groups.

The Golden Rules or School Values As A Starting Point For Behaviour Management Training

The Golden Rules or School Values are a baseline of behavioural expectation and everyone needs to learn about them and understand them. The values inform the whole school ethos. Children need to discuss the Golden Rules at the start of each year, then to continue embedding them throughout the year. Jenny finds that in schools, when children are asked about what sort of rules they think they should have, the rules suggested by children always fall into categories to do with honesty, gentleness, kind and helpfulness, working hard, listening and looking after property.  It is on these values that the Golden Rules are based.

An Example Of A School Following Jenny’s Behaviour Management Training Systems

Jenny has been holding Behaviour Management Training days with Watercliffe Meadow Primary School, Sheffield for many years. Due to dynamic school leadership, they have embraced all the elements of the model. Even their website homepage has a video of the school’s ethos and Jenny’s model. So you you can see the homepage here: Watercliffe Meadow Primary School. Most years, Watercliffe Meadow open their doors to a fantastic training day with Jenny Mosley. Delegates look at all aspects of Jenny’s model during a normal working school day. Because of this, delegates always come away with a great sense of how well the school is working. Similarly, they observe circle times, dining halls, lunchtimes, playtimes – with Jenny working with children and holding meetings. So do look out for this dynamic day to learn more about Jenny’s model.

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Behaviour Management Training

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