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The Golden Model


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Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model, also known as the Ecosystemic model, is a whole school approach to promoting positive behaviour, enhanced listening and communication systems, calm lunchtimes, energetic and fun playtimes, good mental health and wellbeing. Those of you who have attended our training days or accredited week-long courses will know the model well. It represents our holistic approach to creating happy and calm classrooms playgrounds and staffrooms. The model emphasises the most important thing we recommend to keep highly energetic is – to have golden moments and become a ‘golden you’.

Golden Hearted Circle Time

Quality Circle Time sessions, if run in a structured way, have the power to really help children and adults develop genuine empathy, and the skills and motivation to want to engage in educational, personal and social development within their trusting and safe team. Being ‘Golden Hearted’ means you are working strongly on the values of kindness, honesty and respect for others. Jenny Mosley is the acknowledged expert in circle time, which has been recommended in governmental and Ofsted guidance documents.

Golden Rules

The Golden Rules are universal moral values. If you were to ask children and adults across the world what rules they wanted to live by all their answers would fall naturally into the six rules we have chosen. All our resources help children to want to live by the Golden Rules.

Golden Incentives

Golden Incentives are rewards that uphold the Golden Rules and are truly shared by the whole school community. Every child needs to be noticed and appreciated. We believe community responsibilities are the best rewards ever. We also believe that children need to be encouraged to reward other children with the school’s incentives during their weekly circle times. Our resources will give you lots of ideas on how to motivate all children and young people.

Golden Time

Golden Time is a weekly whole school community celebration for all the children who have kept the Golden Rules. Up to an hour is set aside during which each child enjoys very special, exciting activities. Children in early years or special needs settings and mainstream children who have little self-control are given short daily sessions. Ideally the whole school community stops and celebrates together. Grandparents really look forward to it too! Our resources help you to keep Golden Time golden and vibrant.

Golden Playtimes

Golden Lunchtimes and Playtimes are terms used to describe outside play where all the children and adults keep the Golden Rules and enjoy a happy and creative time with each other. Jenny Mosley is the pioneer of Positive Playtimes. Her first lunchtime book was published in 1989. She developed the Friendship Stops and Playground Friends in the early 90’s. Jenny’s lunchtime ideas have the potential to transform the ethos of your whole school. Our resources for playtimes are highly acclaimed – and we can provide you with a wealth of incredible practical ideas and fabulous games to transform your playground.

Children Beyond the Golden Model

Some children sometimes seem ‘beyond’ all the sound ethos and behaviour strategies you may have put in place. They can skew your sense of perspective and drain your energy. These children may be beyond your current systems but not beyond hope or help! Their strongest need is to experience success and a sense of self esteem. They cannot keep all the golden rules all day – they need to practice for 5 minutes a day. They also need to practice relationships in a very small group, with a few good peer role models, engaging in a structured programme of social skills; i.e. the Five Skills Looking, Listening, Speaking, Thinking and Concentrating skills. We have a range of products that help you ensure each child can enjoy a taste of success and hope.

Golden You

Embedding the Golden Model relies on adults being energetic and really positive. Let’s face it, this can be really difficult because of the pressures we face. We have developed a fabulous training programme which helps everyone to take golden moments to look after themselves, their mental health and wellbeing. Once you have practiced your golden moments you can visit our Five Wells Model of Energy. At present, we have three practical books to support you and support the corresponding training programmes; ‘Personal Power’, ‘Boost Your Energy’ and ‘Magic Touch’. Rest assured many more resources and training programmes are on their way.

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