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To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Jenny’s High Five – Top Tips to Help Children Play Games Outside


1. Practice teaching and playing the games at home or with a group of ‘playground friends’ first before trying to teach groups of children out in the playground. For inspiration try Jenny Mosley’s Top 100 Playground Games to Enjoy SEAL Outside and Pocket Playground Games (new) and Pocket Ball Games of the Week (new).


2. Always start a game with just one child – others will want to join in! You can view all our lunchtimes resources here – with our popular outdoor posters range showing how to play playground games, our learning through action series, friendship stops and loads of other essential lunchtimes goodies!

3. Get really good at shouting and clapping with joy! Make loud whooping sounds and children will be intrigued and want to join in! Learn more about playground psychology and good habits to develop on one of our lunchtimes courses or book Jenny for your school or cluster.

4. Go on a lunchtimes and playtimes course to learn more about how to play games and why they are so important for brain development. To view all our courses, conferences and training options go to our website training section.