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Jenny’s High Five – Top Tips for Energising the Whole Class

Sometimes the energy of the whole class drops and its hard to get everyone motivated. This is to do with natural rhythms of the body in relation to food, sleep, heating and lighting and general tiredness. You can ‘pick the class up’ with an instant Energiser, get the blood going round and the brain cells working! Energisers are really useful when they are instant – needing little preparation or equipment.

1. Work out a routine to stop children from doing what they are doing and to start an Energiser. Some teachers ring a little bell or put their hand in the air. Its helpful to have a list of really good energisers on your desk ready to use when you need one. (Its best kept right next to an equivalent ‘Calmers’ list for those blustery, excitable days!) Plan the first few energising activities really well and make them enjoyable – that way pupils will look forward to them as a mini-break. Its also a great idea to work out a little routine to signal that the energiser is stopping at the end so that there is no doubt that it is time to return to planned classroom activities. Energisers should just take a few minutes.

2. Explain the Energizers you will be using really well so the children don’t become frustrated or embarrassed by doing it incorrectly. You can always say that the first go is just a practice so you are expecting mistakes to be made.

3. Have a quick think about the practicalities of the chosen Energizer. There may pupils with SEN who could work with a Teaching Assistant to do the Energizer. Equally, if everyone is twirling their arms they need to spread out first or they may get frustrated.

4. Keep everyone hydrated – water is so important for the brain to function properly. If a pot plant is wilting, we quickly think of giving water but if pupils are sleepy or weary, its also something we can try.

5. Staff sometimes notice that, in meetings at the end of the day, they are also feeling a bit weary or drained – you could always suggest an Energizer for staff.

Essential Energizing Resources!

Learning through Action range – these big, bright colourful books are so full of practical songs, games, clapping games, skipping games, singing games – very energizing!

The Big Book of Energizers” – click through to see this book

See the Calming Resources on our website here.