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Zone Manager Tops (pack of 4)


Worn with our smart Zone Manager Hats, these practical navy high visibility tops, with ‘Zone Manager’ emblazoned on the front, will clearly identify your Zone Managers in the playground.

Becoming a Zone Manager boosts children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Zone Managers apply for the zone they most want to manage. They are interviewed and get the job on the basis of the ideas and games they suggest they will implement in the zone. Zone Managers are responsible for bringing in (and putting away) equipment and  teaching the right games for their zone. It is a good idea to have teams of zone managers for each zone – so they don’t get bored of the job (one week on, two weeks off?). Don’t confuse the Zone Managers with the Playground Friends – who are children who have a variety of other tasks to support friendship and fun – Zone Managers have very specific responsibilities related to the zone they applied to manage!

Format: Pack of four children’s high visibility navy tops with reflective strips. Printed ‘ZONE MANAGER’ in yellow on the front. Approx. size 10 to 12 years.


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