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To Support Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model

Staff Wellbeing


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Let’s face it – it’s the motivation, energy, enthusiasm and positivity of all the adults that fuels a school into a furnace of productive and creative activities and which forges an environment perfect for learning and development in children. But tired and over-worked teachers can easily lose their energy and vitality.

Jenny Mosley’s system of visiting the five wells model of energy replenishment (emotional, creative, physical, spiritual and cognitive) and of taking golden moments for oneself to recharge the batteries and become more grounded can help teachers to retain their energy, keep resilient and feel valued within a busy educational environment.

It is essential that teachers retain their emotional health and well-being and you can help with this.  This is why we have devoted a special place in our golden model for just this – to help you unwind, reflect and take a few moments for yourself to recharge.

All of our resources compliment our unique and tailor-made training courses.  For all training enquiries please phone 01225 767157 or email See all our training here.


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