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Lunchtimes and Playtimes


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Calm Dining Halls For Happy Lunchtimes and Playtimes

We are passionate about Dining Halls and in particular, calm Dining Halls. Jenny’s book “How to Create Calm Dining Halls” is a new ‘bible’ for the school dining experience and contains great advice and many initiatives to make everyone feel a ‘can do’ approach to making simple but effective improvements is possible for their dining hall. One great step that schools can take is to introduce the Dining Hall Rules. The Dining Hall Rules help to provide a baseline of positive behaviour for all children.

Happy Lunchtimes and Playtimes

Lunchtimes and playtimes are undoubtedly some of the most important times of a child’s day. It is where enjoyment and exercise are available, friendships are made or broken and there is a lot of freedom! Transforming lunchtimes and playtimes can literally transform your school. If children come in from playtime after playing wonderful playground games happy and ready to learn, their day will be a more productive one. If children come in upset, having missed out on harmonious lunchtime games, wound up and feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders then the afternoon will follow a less productive pattern. When we think of happy lunchtimes at school, many of us will think of great playground games. Playground Games can teach children so much!

Lunchtime Supervisors Training and Midday Supervisor Training

What really makes lunchtimes and playtimes go with a swing is the ability of Lunchtimes Supervisors to help children make the most of their break time. Our Lunchtimes Supervisors Training / Midday Supervisors Training resources are geared up to make lunchtimes and playtimes enjoyable and organised. With playground zones, playground games, friendship stops and hats, midday supervisors we can help you to make this time of day a very happy one. We have midday supervisor books to guide you on transforming playtimes with ideas for zoning, crazes of the week, lunchtime games, the creation of a playground task forces and buddying systems. Schools that follow this formula have a continuation of positive behaviour, respect and enjoyment inside the school and out and from morning through to the end of the day!

Playground Games

We believe that children usually have the best playtimes when they are happily occupied – and the best occupation in the playground is playing playground games. Part of Jenny’s lunchtimes training for midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors involves inspiring children to play games – active playground games, quiet playground games, solo games and team games. Jenny has created some fabulous resources to help inspire midday supervisors and  lunchtime supervisors and children to play traditional games or new games. We even have games from around the world and wet playtime games – for those days when everyone is stuck indoors. Jenny has written many bright, colourful and fun playground games books including Pocket Playtime books, Playground Games Cards and other Great Games to inspire everyone!

See our training section for more ideas about lunchtime training courses and our other courses.

See our lunchtimes resources, with playground posters, playground games, playground games and much more. Our books are for midday supervisors and teachers to help create playground zones and help everyone gain confidence to teach playground games in KS1, playground games in KS2 and traditional playground games for everyone.

SECONDARY STAFF – we have a range of secondary resources produced for secondary teachers. The different elements of the Golden Model for secondary pupils are all described in the book “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School”.

All of our resources compliment our unique and tailor-made training courses.  For all training enquiries please phone 01225 767157 or email

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