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Free Playground Games and Wet Playtimes Games Booklets for Schools

Download Free Pocket Booklets Below

Download these free Pocket Books to enliven playgrounds and enrich children’s social times. Do get in touch or see our Webshop if you are interested in other resources or webinar or face to face training.

PoPocket Playground Gamescket Playground Games Vol 1 by Jenny Mosley

Click to download: Pocket Playground Games (Volume 1): A little book that is full of old traditional games that even grandparents know, and some new ones as well.



Pocket Wet Playtime Games by Jenny MosleyWet Playtime Games

Click to download: Pocket Wet Playtime Games: full of lively and exciting games to delight and entertain children when the sky turns grey and it starts to rain. Designed to stimulate a spirit of cooperation and healthy interaction, there are games to suit lots of different moods and interests.


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