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Where Are Jenny Mosley And Her Team Based?

Based in Wiltshire, Jenny Mosley Consultancies and Positive Press have grown with Jenny’s Whole School Quality Circle Time model. The consultancy has worked with most local authorities in England, along with many in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, providing training, advice and resources.

Does Jenny Work Overseas?

The Whole School model has travelled abroad very successfully on many occasions and has been warmly received in countries such as India, Turkey, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and many European countries.

Who Is In Jenny’s Team?

Our training team consists of Jenny Mosley, office support and highly skilled consultants to call upon when appropriate. From working with parents, early years, primary, middle school to secondary, our training skills are applicable to most educational settings including Early Years settings, primary schools and secondary schools.

Our training work is supported by an industrious administrative base. Beavering away are the people who will answer the telephone when you call, answer your e-mails and receive your post. They will co-ordinate your training, produce wonderful handouts and aim to make all the business of the consultancy run as smoothly as possible.

How Does Jenny Work?

Jenny works in schools for much of the week expertly carrying out the following:

What Are The Main Areas of Training?

Read more about our schools training.

Jenny Mosley Consultancies

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